"Orignal, fast-paced and altogether delightful."
- Kirkus, Starred Review

"The first of new botanical thriller series, a brilliant concept."
- Publisher's Weekly

"In his brilliant debut as a novelist, Peter Pringle has written a gripping botanical thriller... You can't put it down."
- Alexander Chancellor, The Guardian

"At last-a serious, intelligent thriller. Peter Pringle has written a pacy novel with believable characters and a storyline that will not only keep you reading into the small hours but raises real issues crucial to our future. An amazing achievement."
- Phillip Knightley, author of The Second Oldest Profession and The First Casualty

"It starts with stolen corn seeds! But keep reading--Pringle's thriller about a sexy botanist is fast-paced fun."
- People magazine

Peter Pringle has managed something special: a thriller with super plants, deadly toxins, and international intrigue. And an appealingly original hero who understands, as the author does, the fasinations and danger of the botanical world."
- Jeffrey Frank, author of The Columnist and Bad Publicity

"A born story-teller, Peter Pringle has pulled off the rare feat of turning his journalistic expertise into an absorbing novel. In the botanical detective Arthur Hemmings, Pringle has created a Hercule Poirot for our times-with a distinctive dash of James Bond
- Anthony Holden, Shakespeare biographer and author of Big Deal and Bigger Deal

"A twenty-first-century tale with the suspense, mystery and humor of the classic detective adventure story. Only Arthur Hemmings can solve a case as baffling as the real-life Polonium 210 murders."
- Nicholas von Hoffman, author of A Devil's Dictionary of Business

DAY OF THE DANDELION - An Arthur Hemmings Mystery

Seed of a new corn plant are stolen from Oxford University's botany lab, and the professor, Alastair Scott, and his Russian assistant, Tanya Petrovskaya, are missing.

Alarms ring in London and Washington, where intelligence officials know that Scott was working on a supergene that could allow control over the world's entire food supply.
The British government calls in Arthur Hemmings from the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. To his coworkers, Hemmings is just another researcher in the herbarium, but for many years he has been a secret service agent, an outwardly rumpled buy dashing covert adventurer.

Officials see a Moscow plot. Has Scott been kidnapped? Is he dead? Have Scott and Tanya fled to Russia? And why is Oxford's vice-changellor withholding vital information?

Day of the Dandelion is now available in Italian